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SPACEGUARD is unsurpassed for strength and durability ... yet remains resilient, weatherproof, fire-resistant, waterproof and salt resistant.

A Space-Age Miracle!

SPACEGUARD forms a lasting, rock-hard coating when applied to most any clean surface, inside or out. It adheres firmly to wood, concrete, metal, glass ... even to fiberglass and dries to a flat stucco-like finish. SPACEGUARD is unaffected by oil, grease, salt or corrosion. Since it can not burn, it forms a fire-retardant surface to flammable materials. It provides a perfect, lasting surface to floors and steps and will resist wear. SPACEGUARD also controls radon.

The applications of SPACEGUARD are unlimited! Wherever a tough wear-hard surface coating is required, SPACEGUARD will do the job and it will LAST. Around the home, on farms and industrial equipment and buildings. It seals, protects, restores ... the list of uses is endless.

The Space-Age answer to Age-Old problems!
Leaking concrete walls, peeling paint have long been a problem. SPACEGUARD's protective and durability qualities provide a surface that eliminates these problems for years. Remember, SPACEGUARD adheres, seals and protects most any solid surface inside or out. Wherever SPACEGUARD is applied properly, be assured that it will LAST! No wonder it is being called a SPACE-AGE MIRACLE!