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The R-CO Chimney Housing is virtually impossible to tell from a brick and mortar chimney; is attractively priced and adds to home appearance and value.  Easy handling and storage.  UPS shipping.

Specifications:  Standard sizes: 18-3/4" x 23-1/2" x 48"
23-1/2" x 23-1/2" x 48"
24" high extensions for above units can be used in multiples
  Other sizes available - (special order)

All larger sizes have reinforcement channels welded 24" on center.  Also available, three (3) sided chases for wall mounting - from ground level to desired heights.
Construction: Coated 22 gauge steel interlocking all joints.  Exterior finish - space guard coating:  available in brick or stucco design.
Installation: Mounting brackets (included) must be properly secured with lag bolts e.g. (or bolts for larger units) to a solid framed opening.  (Hardware not included.)

Install sheet metal screws on all vertical and horizontal joints - 12" on center.
Colors: All colors available for both sizes, except Fieldstones - #301 square only)